Basketball Statistics Files for Microsoft Excel 97 or Later
(Compatible with Mac or Windows)


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View sample statistics sheets from the Basketball statistics file, and the Volleyball statistics file. Each sample contains a game report, season report, and an individual player report.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
is needed to view these sheets. It is a free application available at the link above.

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Easy to use basketball statistics files to keep basketball statistics.

The basketball statistics file can track up to 16 players and up to 50 games and also has the option of tracking up to 20 conference or league games as well as your regular season games. The file is designed for ease of use, but still gives you a powerful set of statistics. With this file you can view and print basketball statistics for each game, or the season totals. Each game sheet lists each player's game totals and percentages along with team and opponent's totals and percentages (opponent's statistics is optional). The season basketball statistics sheet also lists each player's totals, averages and percentages, as well as the same for the team, and opponents. Also included are sheets that list the team's game by game basketball statistics along with the totals and percentages. Each player also has a sheet that lists their game by game basketball statistics, totals, averages, and percentages. If the optional conference statistics sheets are used, those totals and averages also are listed on season and player game by game statistics sheets. Once setup (enter the team and player info on the setup sheet), each game's statistics can be entered in less than five minutes just by listing the game in the team schedule and entering the game statistics into the appropriate game sheet. If you have Microsoft Excel, any of this file provides an easy way to keep very detailed basketball statistics for your basketball team. The first 6 games are free to try with full functionality.

A password is needed to enter statistics into the games after the first 6 and conference games after the first 2. The fee is $25 and that allows unlimited use of the files.

New... A special add on file which will import your statistics and sort and list the top 5 players in each statistics category.

Download Area

Windows users download the self-extracting zip file. After downloading, click on it and it will automatically install a folder on your desktop called "My Statistics". The folder will contain another folder called "Basketball Stats", with your files in that folder. (Main stats file, team leader file, and directions file.)

Mac users, download the compressed .Sit file. It requires Aladdin stuffit expander, a free Mac utility. If you do not have it, get it at the link below.

Windows Users
Get Basketball Files (1.1mb)

Mac Users
Get Compressed .Sit File (826kb)
(requires Stuffit Expanderto Unzip)
Get Stuff it Expander Here

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